About Us

  • At Montesano Physical Therapy Inc. we have focused our continuing education on the latest manual therapy techniques to provide the best care possible to our clients.
  • Our knowledge of many different sports allows us to not only address specific joint and muscle problems, but to also address very sport specific activities to ensure that the return to sports is successful and safe.
  • We have an onsite pool at our facility. The hydraulic lift can be used to help clients in and out of the pool. We use the pool to treat any number of injuries including; sports, work injuries, simple sprain and strains to post-surgical clients.
  • We have the latest technology at our office including cold laser and Anodyne infrared machines.
  • An important part of our rehabilitation plan is centered on helping our clients return back to their regular work, athletics, and daily activities. When possible we attempt to simulate movements or activities that they would need to safely complete. Home exercise programs are given to every client.
  • Here, Duncan works with a client on balance, proprioception and coordination as they leap onto a foam pad. We try to find ways to challenge each patient as appropriate to maximize their function and safety when they leave our care.